Reservoir Woods Park -Roseville July 15, 2017 22:06

This is one of my new favorite parks. There were lots of posts about spring migrants but I never managed to find the location they were talking about...until I stumbled upon it by accident. I missed teh Connecticut warbler but I managed to hear and find teh amazing winter wren.

If you haven't heard its call go and listen to it, very fun. It's staying there this summer so take a stroll by the wooden lookout and maybe you'll hear it.



Kayaking in the fall, are we in Minnesota? November 15, 2015 18:44

We have had a crazy fall here in Minnesota. I can't remember it being this nice for so long. I plan to hit the water as long as it stays open even if the temps drop into the 30's.


I just purchased a new Hobie-cat kayak to let me be a little more hands free in to take pictures as I go. I'm still getting used to it and it's a great workout so no complaints :-)


Here are some recent pictures from Pig's Eye Lake. Pelicans migrating through...

Winter is just around the corner! November 01, 2015 20:52

I will miss our summer visitors but always give thanks for those that stay with us (chick-a-dee, white-breated nuthatch, woodpeckers), and those that visit us for the winter months (juncos).

I try and make my back as winter friendly as possible and of course keep the feeders full. Here are some additional tips:

Birds In the Hood - New Adventures of the Urban Latina birder/photographer August 20, 2015 19:45

I'm super excited to get my website up and running. It will be a work in progress but at least you know have a way to check out just a fraction of my work. I will also be posting upcoming bird-walks and talks.

I look forward to sharing my birding adventures and exposing people (in the Twin Cities) to the wonderful parks, rivers and lakes we have so close to us.

Just so you know I will be using the word "Hood" in a loving way to talk about the community I grew-up in and where I live.

Friend me on facebook (Monica J Bryand) if you'd like to receive your bird of the day :-)